Journey to the West – Part 2

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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
― Mark Twain

With so much going on in the world right, everyone needs to chill, and take a trip somewhere… which is what Henry and I did in August.  If you missed part 1, it was the previous post to this one or just check it out HERE.

We continue with our Journey to the West with Four Till Four Coffee in Scottsdale, AZ.  This was day 3 of our trip from Houston and we definitely needed some good coffee for the road.   Once we got coffee in our system, I grabbed a cold brew, and we continued on our journey.

The original plan was to go to the Grand Canyon, but seeing how the weather was no bueno, we just headed straight to Los Angeles.  A few people said even if it rains, the Grand Canyon would be beautiful either way.  I was just worried about cars sliding around in the rain.

Henry and I spent the night in Phoenix, AZ after the White Sands National Monument so it was a good time to stop by Four till Four in Scottsdale. 
I thought the coffee shop’s name meant they were open 4am till 4pm…
But it is actually referring to the Porsche 356.
Henry checking out my cold brew for the road.
The coffee shop is not big at all and has enough space for 10 people. Anymore and it would feel like it’s over capacity.
Minimalistic vibes.
Four till Four is aimed towards the early birds and closes before lunch time. 
If you’re ever in AZ, I’d recommend stopping by.
It was time to get back into our road trip and by this time, it was around 10a…


Once we got into California at 4PM, we decided to eat at GD Bro Burger in Santa Ana.
I decided to get something something “light” and got the All-American with truffle fries. Henry got the same I think and paired it with bulgogi fries.  
After stuffing our faces with burgers and fries, we decided to go to the beach. Huntington Beach was the closest to us. Once it started getting close to golden hour, the views were great. The weather was perfect as well.
Check out that pony tail!
If I had to move anywhere, it would probably be somewhere in California next to the beach.
The cost of living may be more and living space is less, but you can’t beat the California scenery and weather.
It was getting dark and our plan was to crash at a friend’s place in Azusa, but that fell through for the first night.  We ended up crashing at Linhbergh and Karissa‘s place in Long Beach. 
California living is awesome because you don’t really need A/C.  The door was open the whole night.  That’s actually me laying there, probably looking at snapchat stories…
This is Kyia, the Shiba Inu, staring at me….
When we got up, she made herself comfortable in my sleeping bag.  Good thing I’m not allergic to animals…
Linhbergh’s NB Miata x Scion FRS. This may be a once in a lifetime photo unless I drive my car back to California or Linhbergh drives his Miata to Houston. 
Look at this guy tidying up his wheels…
Custom 3 piece HRE bronze face wheels…
Static fitment ladies and gentlemen.
Love Kyia‘s expressions.
One more before heading out for tacos.
Mini tacos, pickled carrots, radishes, and horchata!  It was my first time having mini tacos and horchata.  I’m definitely coming back for more next time. Thanks for taking us Linh&Karissa!
After tacos, we went to Porto’s Bakery in Downey, CA.  It’s a huge cuban pastry shop that has the best potato balls ever.  I suggest it to everyone visiting Los Angeles now because I’m into the hype.
We had time to kill so we stopped by the Peterson Automotive Museum.
We had several hours to kill before meeting up with friends for KBBQ so we decided to do the underground “Vault” tour.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The general part of the museum was better in my opinion.

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The “Vault” tour was $35 and was 1.5 hrs. long.  If you are really interested in automotive history, I would recommend it.  If not, I would skip it and just pay the $15 or whatever it is to see the general area.

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Ford GT concept.
Side profile.
We met up with Linhbergh, Karissa, WebbBland, and Heather for KBBQ around 7PM at Hae Jang Chon.  If you’ve ever eaten there, you know the line is ridiculous all day long.  I skipped the food photos and went to shoveling of meats into my mouth.  Sorry not sorry! 
Obligatory photoshoot in DTLA under the Disney Concert Hall.  I know this is a played out spot for photoshoots, but it’s ok for out of towners right? 


Just some simple shots to end the 2nd night in Los Angeles.

This concludes our Days 3-4 or Part 2 of our Journey to the West.  Stay tuned for Part 3 where we stop by the 86fest at Auto Club Speedway.

Also special shout out thanks to Linh and Karissa for taking us in so late!

Nikon D750
Nikon 24-120 F4


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