Warehouse Visit Houston and Project Beams ITB Swapped AE86

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Stopped by one of @andysoun‘s clients’ warehouse in Houston to drop off some AE86 parts and checked out the Nostalgic/Classic cars collection. Sorry for the shaky handheld potato footage…. I’m totally not a professional Youtube-er. The infamous @tomsiik also stopped by to check out the warehouse. Think you could identify all the cars in the video?



Bonus: Start up of my quarantine built Beams ITB Swapped AE86. I originally had the Beams 3sge engine in a Toyota Corolla SR5 (in 2019), but found this cleaner shell (2020) and just did a chassis swap which consisted of motor/trans, brake lines, fuel lines, fuel cell, brakes, front chassis and under dash harness, etc… that took 3 days. Then another 2 weeks of installing ITB’s, putting in Matt’s wire harness from @panicmade, wiring up radiator fans, and buttoning up small stuff like oem dash, cluster, making sure all lights, wires got power, wideband etc. I might make a more in depth video later if there’s any interest?


Danh Phan



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