The Ricer Series – KoukiKev’s Nissan 240SX SE Fastback

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“I’m just going to keep it simple, clean, and reliable….” is what we all say when starting out with our car builds. 5 years later and it snowballs into one of the iconic looks that you’d only see from D1 videos from the late 90s… this is Kevin’s Nissan 240SX SE Fastback.  Check out the photos below and you can judge for yourself if this fits the categories of simple, clean, and reliable…

The Ricer Series: @KoukiKev’s 93 Nissan 240SX SE Fastback

TBH I don’t know much about Nissan’s in general even though I’ve probably shot well over 50 of them lol… BUT I’m learning more everyday as I’m working on my own project (not a Nissan) so I can appreciate different manufactured builds now…

The lighting at this convenience store worked so well for this shoot…

I know some of you like reading about how owners started out with their builds so I’ll leave that for you to read HERE on his personal WordPress site. (It actually only has two posts so he needs to update lol)

If you asked me what SR20 this came out of, I probably wouldn’t know lol…


I’ve been meaning to shoot Kevin’s 240SX for awhile now ever since he finished his exterior set up… but life happens and we finally set something up more recently (February?). It was a good time to knock out 2 types of shoots in one night and it was perfect timing because it was sprinkling… and that translates to epic shots at the Rice Box.


If you haven’t taken photos at the Rice Box, have you even been to Houston?


Kevin’s Nissan 240SX SE sports the BN Sports Type III (180SX) kit…


The rear wing and tail lights are Kouki 180SX…





You’ve gotta have Ganador S13 Aero mirrors with this kit… even though you can’t see anything with them lol…


A very well taken cared of interior... it’s meant to be driven comfortably on the street and track so definitely can appreciate that…


Defi gauges for boost, oil, temp, and water….


Bride seats ZETA II and BRIX… also check out the reupholstered Bride fabric pieces…


The execution of Kevin’s 240SX SE Fastback is done so well I definitely had to include him on my Ricer Series.


OG Bronze TE37’s….


You can find Kevin on IG @KoukiKev


As usual thanks for checking out this post of The Ricer Series! I’ll have a few more to post since there’s a lot of downtime….

Danh Phan

Kevin’s 1993 Nissan 240SX SE Fastback

Internally stock
EXEDY stage 2 clutch
ACT street flywheel
Tomei RAS
NISMO thermostat
Kazama auto catch can
APEXi intake
Trust GREDDY FMIC for S14/S15
KOYORAD N flow radiator
Blitz Cap
Samco hoses
OEM clutch fan
PBM cobra down pipe
Custom 3” exhaust to 5” tip
Tomei N2 block
Gplus 19 row oil cooler
GREX thermostatic oil filter housing
Quest alternator and KA ac compressor conversion 
PC680 battery
Custom manual boost controller set to .9 bar
RS enthalpy rom tune for .9 bar

BN sports Type III (180SX)S13
Ganador Aero mirror
Kouki 180SX wing
Kouki 180SX taillights
OEM carbon kevlar garnish
DMAX dual purpose position lights
DMAX corner lightsRaybrig Clear headlights
H4 hikari LED bulbs
Rear wiper delete.
3rd brake light delete.
Rear side marker delete.
Rear window washer jet delete.
Antenna delete.
AR2 paint

BRIDE type MO seat rail
Street faction side mount rail
Nardi Classic 330mm
Black/BlackWorks Bell BOSS hub
Trust GREX knob red
Bride fabric reupholster (door panels, center console, glovebox)
AEM wideband
Defi BF (White) – boost pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp.
Defi link control unit II
Canadian manual seatbelt conversion – (Headliner, belts, A pillar, B pillar) dyed in black.
Brand new black carpet
Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX head unit
Pioneer speakers
JBL bass pro hub subwoofer

Original Bronze TE37F: 17×9 +15R: 18×9.5 +12F:
Falken RT615K 215/40 R:
Kenda KR20 225/40
Stance XR1 custom low spec coiloversF: 8k 175mm short springR: 6k 175mm + helper spring
BM50 Brake master cylinderZ32 30mm aluminum front caliper
Z33 track front rotor
S13 rear brake
Project mu D1 spec pads
URAS seahorse
25mm extended FLCA/cut knuckles
Maxima inner tie rod
S14 outer tie rod
ISR pro series (tension rod, RUCA, Rear toe arm, Rear traction rod)
GKtech rear solid subframe riser bushings
Welded 4.08 differential
Driveshaft shop one piece steel driveshaft


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