The Ricer Series – Joseph’s NA1 Acura NSX

@shihtake's NA1 NSX in Downtown Houston Texas

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It looks like I’ve been MIA from the blog for awhile and that’s kind of a good thing since I have so many projects or things going… maybe I should start posting about what I’ve been up to, but we’ll focus on The Ricer Series – Joseph’s NA1 Acura NSX in Downtown Houston Texas

If you missed the first post of ‘The Ricer Series’, you can just click here to read about Pec’s N2 AE86 Levin

I’ve been meaning to shoot Joseph’s NA1 NSX for awhile, but our schedules never aligned, or I was too lazy to wake up at 6am… Well, we finally got around to it and the weather was perfect. It was a good time to test out the Sony A7iii, Rokinon AF 35mm f1.4, and Rokinon 85mm f1.4 cine lens.

Pre planning for shoots are always stressful because weather, traffic, and finding someone available to assist play key roles in determining how the shoot will go. Shout out to Henry (@garage_hendo) for helping out so early in the morning and Joseph for making time for a test shoot. The shoot was originally scheduled for 6:30AM then pushed a little back to 7:30AM… the morning light that day was nice, but when it’s shining directly at your lens, its no bueno…

The first round of the shoot, I tested out the Sony A7III static shots with a Nikon 50mm with cheap adapter, Rokinon AF 35mm, and Rokinon 85mm Cine.

I believe I used the 85mm cine lens for this shot. For an inexpensive prime cine lens, I would recommend it. The only cons I have about it is its minimum focus distance is like 3 ft away so it’s somewhat useless for “close-up” shots.

Switched to the 35mm AF 1.4 here with CPL.  Focus was a bit wonky but the image looks great.


This was a single exposure with the 35mm AF 1.4 lens shooting into the sun.

A standard clean NSX bay.

Hotboi Spoon oil cap.

Hotboi Momo Tuner steering wheel for those 610 cruising nights.

Legit Bride seats…

Then we did a roll thru from Downtown to Allen Parkway.  Really good spot for rolling shots early in the morning.

I’ve shot 1 car here previously and it seems its always the same shaded spot for the best photos.

Shout out again to Joseph for waking up for this shoot and Henry for driving. Also thanks to everyone to sticking around skimming thru the article/photos.

Full album here:

Bonus BTS and short video with the Zhiyun Weebill S.


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