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“Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

It’s a good quote, but you’ll always have to work hard for something in life.  Young Tea of Autotuned and @FRS86 is a good example…

The office area of Auto Tuned included photos of Scion FRS cars.  Most are taken by Danny of @jdmzipties.

After my week long Tokyo trip in January, I had spent a couple of days in the Los Angeles area resting and hanging out with some good photo/car/nerd buddies.  With the limited amount of time I had in LA, I searched for shops I could stop by for some FRS brake pads, and Auto Tuned came up on Google search.  I totally forgot about the shop and it was just 10 minutes from the place I was at so I definitely had to make a visit…

When I arrived, Young was working on a customers FRS/BRZ…  Full wrap, coilovers, and RB Pandem Kit…


After catching up and talking with Young about his car, #shoplife, and some future client projects, I asked if I could grab a couple shots of his car… He said sure and that I was lucky because he doesn’t drive it to the shop that often…
There’s not much you have to do to make a TRD RS 1.0 look good… but Young kept it simple with RSR coilovers, Advan Racing RZ II’s, JDM TRD Aero pieces, and a $uper nice TRD swan neck wing….
Not much in front of the RS 1.0… 
Until you look under the hood… Young has installed all different types of forced induction kits for FRS/BRZ/86’s and the one that performed best was the Jackson Racing supercharger…
Since this post is about 2 months late… Young has now updated his wheel choice to the Advan Racing RSDF wheels in Bronze…
Also updated with the new 2017 Toyota 86 tail lights…
It’s kinda growing on me…
That TRD wing is sick… but TRD aero is always $$$….
CF goodness…
Anyone have a set of 2017/18 Toyota 86 tail lights for sale?

Owning and running a shop alone is already tough as it gets, but Young does it somehow. Sure he has part time help, but in the end, it’s just him.  I’ve worked at a shop for a short amount of time and know how stressful it can be.  He definitely has to love what he does for his customers or else he wouldn’t be working so hard…

After the visit to Auto Tuned, I grabbed some lunch and headed back to the area I was staying at.  I definitely do not miss the traffic around LA and can see why some of my friends prefer staying home or in their area.

As always, thanks for checking out the post!

Nikon D750
Nikon 24-120mm F4


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