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What’s the best camera out there today and always available when you need it?

Your phone of course, or in my case, the iphone 6.  Camera phone technology has improved over the last 6 or so years and quality is wayyy better than my first digital camera. The functions are great because you’re able to snap a photo, upload, and share it with the world.  If I get a chance to share a memorable/fun experience, why not use it?

Coffee and Rice @ Catalina Coffee was not hosted by anyone really. We all just wanted to meet up and have a small get together with familiar faces and Japanese/Euro/Classic cars.  It used to be at Tout Suite, but a lot of people without homes have taken over the area under 59/69N bridge.


Taking photos with a camera phone is a challenge because you can’t full control the settings, unless you have one of those new android phones… that’s a diff story. Maybe I can borrow one to try out and write a review in the near future.

Law checks out his phone while standing in front of @pecx‘s Hakosuka from RockyAuto Japan

To control the exposure of these shots, I would intentionally tap the screen to get the exposure/focus of the brightest spots.  This way I wouldn’t overexpose the photo while raising the darks and/or bringing back the highlights.

Pec’s new seats and seat covers.
The cockpit of Pec’s RockyAuto Hakosuka.
Who exactly is Pec?  That’s him. He’s really a normal guy.. who has a bunch of Japanese nostalgic cars  T_T
Check out that Datsun 610…

I have different ways of editing photos from my phone but they’re mostly edited the same way. First, Lightroom (Mobile or on macbook) for exposure, contrast, highlights, etc. and then applied with a VSCO filter. Yes, I cheat using filters, but only because it’s faster than making my own presets.  Once the VSCO filter is applied, I may make more adjustments to exposure, contrast, etc.

Which belongs to @beanbone83


Previously owned by @joshiroku


The car was for sale and how could Chris pass up such a good deal…
The interior looks immaculate here…
Sitting in the shade was @maydayjohnp or “Uncle of Rice” NSX.
If you happen to see him on the highway, get ready to battle.
I think as I get older, sticker bombing cars become a thing of the past for me. I do enjoy seeing it on other cars though.
Kwon’s Techno Violet E36 M3 always reminds me of what mine could’ve looked like.
Wish I got more full body shots of Jacob’s Cressida Wagon…
I’ll get more next time…
Check out that meaty static fitment.
Stacy’s CheChe the Evee gets special treatment in the Wagon.
Check out that Nostalgic Car Boss sticker.
Vincent’s E92 M3 and Te37/RS3 combo. I see a decal on the rear tail light…

Once the photos are done, I’ll export and upload to my Dropbox. Once they’re uploaded, I’ll delete the original photos because why would you want to hang onto the originals? So you could edit them again?  I would suggest just backing them up somewhere and freeing space on your phone.

Nic’s Leica M6. He originally saved up $5k for a trip to Japan, but bought this camera and lens instead. Not a bad choice/investment.
This was my investment of the day. Coffee y tacos.
Enjoy car life.
A newer Corolla parks in front of @realkillingdonuts97 (Chris) RHD AE86. So much has changed.
The RHD AE86 was imported by Danny K. and Chris couldn’t resist buying this clean AE86 coupe. If I had cash at the time, I would have definitely picked it up.
It’s not perfect, but what 30 yr old street car is.

That’s about all the tips and shots I have for today. There was a handful more cars out there that I didn’t get to iphone photo, so maybe next time! If you have any questions/comments, just message or email me.  Enjoy your Labor Day holiday!

**Bonus shots**

How magic happens. Photo cred:  Pec


JDM Pose. Photo cred:  Pec



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