The Ricer Series – Episode 2 ‘Texas DC5 All State Meet 2020’

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I think the DC5 is one of the most underrated chassis… you don’t see many being tracked or driven much anymore.. one reason is because they are sought after for their engine and transmissions… also, they still retain some value.  When tuned correctly, they look and handle amazing.. or so I’ve heard.  I guess that’s what all these guys are meeting up for in Austin.  Check out the Ricer Series Episode 2 of Texas DC5 All State Meet….

This took a couple of hours to edit.  I’m getting a little bit more comfortable shooting with the Zhiyun Weebill S and A7iii combo…. I think I might get the 24-105 Sony G lens for an all around use.  Would probably be a good investment… anyways enjoy the video and leave me a comment on Youtube or here!



Danh Phan



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