The Ricer Series – Episode 1 ‘FATPAT & MATTLIM’

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I totally forgot I had a blog… it’s been a few months since I’ve posted on here but looks like I’m back.  I’ve recently started getting into more cinematic videos and testing out the limits of this Sony A7iii… so what better way to test than to call up some ricers… shoutout to @lucky_fatpat and @d_malim for being test subjects on Episode 1 of the Ricer Series. Check out the video and leave a comment.



“Got bored and wanted to use the Zhiyun Weebill S more while I still have downtime. Not as stable as I thought it would be but maybe I just suck with it… but it’s not bad. Also grading in SLog Kinda sucks lmao. Gotta play around with the grading a lot… ended up using a LUT from a friend and just added some more tones.”



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