The Ricer Series – Juan’s K24 Swapped AE86 Hatch

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A Honda motor in a AE86 chassis?  Some might say it will lose the soul or feel of the car… but a high HP revving motor in a AE86?  Sign me up for a soul swap anytime.  In Juan’s scenario, he started off with a F20C swapped AE86…

The Ricer Series – Juan’s @86Jovi K24 Swapped AE86 Hatch

I usually keep my shoots simple and keep it convenient so the owners wouldn’t have to drive too far… and since Knuckle Up 2 was that Sunday, we just shot right before the event…  Thanks Juan for letting me get a couple of shots of the first(?) K24 swapped AE86 in the Texas area…

So what’s the formula to K24 swap an AE86? I’ll just post the mod specs below…

Engine and Transmission: 

K24a2 motor
S2000 trans
S2000 intake (modified)
S2000 exhaust (modified)
Custom exhaust ( made my me)
JSP motor k24 motor mounts
JSP trans mount
JSP trans adapter
JSP intake adapter
TRACTUFF S-type ported oil pump
TRACTUFF timing chain baffle
TRACTUFF oil pan baffles and gates
TRACTUFF water neck and bypass
TRACTUFF diy swirl pot kit
TRACTUFF cam limiter
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Custom extra capacity oil pan (made by me)
Modified crossmember
Modified shifter hole
Custom full inch exhaust Varex electric cutout muffler
75% s2000 wiring
Hondata kpro V4
AEM wideband
RYwire adapter harness
S2000 cluster
S2000 push to start button s2000 ignition switch
05 Civic Si mishimoto radiator
Dual electric fans
Toyota Yaris filler neck

Carbon fiber hood
Aerocatch hood pins
Duraflex MB-R body kit ( mostly )

240sx s13 master cylinder
Dual calipers T3 bracket
Custom Wilwood hydro e-brake 240sx rear brakes (hydro) Custom hard brake lines
Steel braided brake hoses

Handling and Suspension:
Weir performance LSD max grip kit
Mk2 supra LSD
Mk1 celica supra ring and pinion
Custom two piece slip jointed driveshaft
79 Celica Supra rear end housing with custom mounts
T3 rose joint panhard bar
BC coil overs with spindle
Battle version lower control arms
Battle version tension rod
Battle version 4 link
Dmac Mcn sport rose jointed outer tie rods
Dmac Mcn sport steering rack spacer White line sway bar
Rota grid v 15×8 , eBay special 15×8 (gold drift spares)

Sparco seat
Buddy club racing seat rails
Momo steering wheel
Nrg quick release
Cusco bolt on cage with welded on door bars
G-force 5 point harness

Why should you Honda K24 swap an AE86?  High revving engine and makes way more power than a 16v 4age… also parts are widely available and cheaper than a F20C swap these days… (I wish I took more photos of the engine bay itself but trust me that its a good fit for LHD AE86 chassis since the manifold clears the steering column on the Left side of the engine bay… 


So why did Juan go from a Honda F20C to K24 swap?

“F20C. Several reasons , the f20 went up in price significantly and Honda is starting to stop production on some s2000 parts. K24 has more N/A potential and about the same under boost. Way more after market support then any other 4 banger options. Apart from that stock HP and TQ number are more then enough to throw down some tandems with some “faster” cars.”


*Eurobeat Intensifies*

How long has Juan had the 86 and how did he learn to drift?

“I believe 2012, so 8 years now. I started going to some small events at Mineral Wells Airport with a small number of drivers. It helped to be in a setting where everyone was learning and only there to improve.”


Any inspirations or shout outs along the way? 

“Thaison Nguyen was my partner on many nights of endless wrenching… Will Parsons gave me advice the whole way through about drift and suspension set up…. Roman Katsev (Boost Logic Tuner) helped me with everything K swap related and tuning of course…. Vincent Nguyen helped put everything together… Robert Green (TracTuff) advice, consults, and sending all oiling mods. Jose El Gato Lopes (Gato’s Kustoms) did all the paint and body as well as guided me through the process.  Without any one of these guys the car wouldn’t be where it is. Very thankful and fortunate to have their help and support.”

Thaison Nguyen in his Honda F20C swapped TE/KE Corolla at KU2… is one of Juan’s wrenching buddies very familiar with the Honda swap setup…




Interior of a grass roots drift car… 

Adult Vacation indeed…


You can see the gold flakes in the paint here on the rear over fenders for wider tire fitment and TRD style wing… LMK if anyone has the TRD wing for sale pls ^_^


Get low for that side profile shot…


Just FYI for cars driving at Knuckle Up Speedsportz Events… they require silencers and/or mufflers.  Juan had to use 2 crushed soda cans to muffle the exhaust lol…




As usual thanks for checking out this post of The Ricer Series!

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