The Ricer Series – Danny’s Honda K-Swapped EK Honda Civic

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Is it possible to over build or engineer a Honda to a point where it’s almost perfect?  Ok, I wouldn’t say “perfect” but it’s engineered to function, for sure.  If you asked Lance what he thought of Danny’s Honda K-Swapped EK Honda Civic, he’d probably say, “It’s an amazing machine…” And… I would have to agree.  You’ll see why as you scroll down the post…

honda k swapped ek civic dtphan

The Ricer Series – Danny’s K-Swapped EK Honda Civic

As I’m writing this, I’m currently hustling to finish my project car before I get busy with freelance life again…. Texas is slowly reopening businesses in phases so the economy doesn’t crumble (as much)… aaaand because the people are getting restless sitting at home.  During the “quarantine phase”, Danny or on IG, hit me up seeing if I wanted to see the new fuel cell setup on his EK hatch project car.  I said sure why not and asked if he’d be down for a shoot.  We set up a day and time, but I usually check out locations before shoots to make sure we won’t be bothered or obstructing anything or anyone.  I decided to use a local Stadium parking lot that was open.  We began the shoot right around 6PM as the sun was setting to get that golden soft warm light… My original plan was to bust out flash strobes but that seemed to be a bit overkill as this was just a informal last minute shoot.

honda ek civic k swap houston

Danny built his EK hatch for function and style as a homage to the late 90s…


c-west front bumper honda ek hatch

If you’re standing in front of the car, you’ll notice a Max Racing hood with C-West front bumper…


Craftsquare CF side mirrors…


civic type r EK honda

The rear sporting a CTR bumper and Seibon CF hatch held down with Pegasus Racing latches…


Rear Voltex wing with Seeker base…


honda k swapped ek civic hatch

A side profile showing J’s Racing front fenders and TE37’s…


honda k swapped EK civic hatch te37

In the front, wheel tire set up starts off with OG TE37’s…


The rear sits on Sonic TE37SL’s in Pressed Graphite…


For brakes, Danny chose to go with Spoon calipers and rotors with AP2 pads in front and ITR rear calipers with Project Mu pads in the rear…


Another angle of the Sonic TE37SL’s on the rear…


The brake booster was deleted and replaced with Honed Development and a 7/8 OEM brake master cylinder…


The car’s suspension of choice for Danny is JRZ Suspension RS Pro with Hyperco springs…


danny honda k swap ek civic hatch

Nothing crazy in Danny’s K swapped EK Civic Hatch engine bay… just a K20Z3…


With Blueprint Racing Rods and 86.5mm Wiseco Pistons (12.3:1)…


Moving on to the interior… pretty much stripped out with only the necessities…


A different angle facing the rear…


The battery and ATL fuel cell replaces the passenger seating area for weight distribution… 


Another shot of the interior from the drivers side…


Bride Proface bucket seat with Takata 6 point harness…


Switches for all the necessary things i.e. lights, wipers, fluids, etc…


The transmission of choice for the K20Z3 is with FG2 gearbox with RSX 5th and 6th gears…. 


Hondata KproV3 mounted where the glovebox usually goes…


Chassis is more stiff now with a 11 point Safety 21 roll cage…. check out the 3rd brake light up top… 


The exhaust system starts with ktuned headers, Spoon Sports mid-pipe, and custom center exit exhaust…


I asked Danny when he would take it out to the track and he said probably never… I don’t blame him because everything is so nice and it would be a shame to mess it up.  He does want to build a track dedicated car in the future though…


The sun sets in the parking lot and we stand around social distancing while he gives me some advice on DIY car builds…


As usual thanks for checking out this post of The Ricer Series!

View gallery of photos here:

Danh Phan

Danny’s K-swapped EK Civic Hatch Spec sheet 


  • K20Z3, Blueprint Racing Rods, 86.5mm Wiseco Pistons (12.3:1)
  • Hasport EKK2 with EG subframe
  • ATI Super Damper
  • Type S Oil pump
  • Ktuned header, Spoon Sports mid-pipe, custom center exit exhaust
  • Hybrid Racing fuel rail, fuel pressure gauge, full size radiator with slim fans
  • Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
  • Stef’s breather tank
  • Hondata KproV3
  • JUN oil cap, radiator cap
  • RDX injectors, FD2 Intake, RSX throttle body, AP1 coolant overflow


  • FG2 Gearbox, RSX 5th and 6th gear
  • Hybrid Racing Shift cables and shifter box
  • Battlecraft Teardrop shiftknob


  • JRZ Suspension RS Pro
  • Hyperco Spring 800 Fr, 400 Rr
  • PCI front upper control arm, rear lower control arm
  • Honed Development Roll Centre Correction front/rear kit, rear camber arms
  • DC2 front sway bar, front strut bar
  • Eibach 14mm rear sway bar with custom ASR brace kit
  • CTR 5 lug front, DC2 4 lug rear


  • EG manual rack with Quaife 2.83 quick rack & pinion kit
  • Honed Development adjustable tie rod kit


  • OG TE37 16×8 +30,  Sonic TE37SL 16×7 +34
  • Toyo R1R 225/45, 205/45


  • Spoon Sports Monoblock front calipers and rotors
  • Stoptech brake lines
  • ITR rear calipers, EP3 rotor
  • AP2 front pads, Project Mu B-Force rear pads
  • Honed Development Booster delete, 7/8 OEM brake master cylinder


  • Max Racing hood
  • C-West front bumper
  • J’s Racing front fenders
  • Craftsquare Mirrors
  • Seeker wing base
  • Voltex 3DGT Wing Type-HB 1300mm
  • CTR rear bumper
  • Seibon Carbon Hatch with Plastic4Performance Lexan rear window
  • EK9 quarter glass
  • Pegasus Racing hood and trunk latches


  • Safety 21 Roll cage 11 point
  • ATL fuel cell with fuel level gauge
  • Rennline battery mount with 680 Odyssey battery
  • Longacre battery cut-off switch with remote pull cable
  • Circuit Hero steering hub, rear strut bar
  • Mugen steering wheel, Sparco quick release
  • CDM SIR cluster, airbag delete
  • EK9 air vent pocket, carbon radio delete with custom switches
  • VDO oil pressure, temperature, coolant temperature gauge
  • Afterburner Rain 3rd brake light
  • Bride Proface bucket seat, FX seat rail
  • Takata 6 point harness
  • Checkered Sports heel plate


As usual thanks for checking out this post of The Ricer Series!

Danh Phan




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