Initial D: Stage HTX – Running in the 90s

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It’s 2019… and two iconic cars meet up for a quick battle in Downtown Houston… who took took the victory? History shows that the hachiroku has never been defeated on Mt. Akina… but this… is.. Houston, TX.

With all jokes aside, the Panda hachiroku you see above belongs to @pecx and the yellow RE Amemiya FD RX-7 belongs to @shinkuclassics (driven by @jdm_fc3s). Pec had recently restored and put together his 10th AE86 hatch (jk but not kidding) while Shinku Classics LLC took delivery of the FD RX7 a few weeks after.

With the two cars in town at the same time, (until the yellow FD RX-7 is sold) I had to set up a shoot as soon as possible. We decided to shoot early Sunday before the local #coffeeandrice gathering at @Catalinacoffee.

Another reason why I chose these two cars for a shoot was because they’re both RHD cars… I forgot if Pec’s AE86 was converted or a JDM chassis…

This shoot could’ve been finished 30 minutes sooner but the road conditions suck in the City of Houston… especially in the back roads under 45/59/10 bridge.

Special shout out to Jordan for helping with the shoot and driving the Datsun truck.

If you had to own an iconic car from the 90s and had to choose between these 2, which would you choose? The RE-Amemiya FD RX-7 right? I would probably choose the AE86 hatch since it’s so difficult finding them nowadays… yeah I’m crazy.

The RE Amemiya FD RX-7 was recently sold but don’t worry, Jesse from Shinku Classics LLC, says there will be more on the way. This yellow one was rebuilt to spec and is in perfect condition from RE-Amemiya.

The infamous thai vlogger, Mr. Jiro, came out later to check out the shoot… I think the vlog is already up somewhere lol… actually it’s down below ^_^.

Thanks Pec and Jesse from Shinku Classics for letting me borrow the cars for a Sunday morning! I’m a little behind on past coverage from 2018 and stuff, but hopefully I get out of this slump and post more this year… until then thanks for check the blog out!

Gallery of photos here:

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