Circuit of the Americas (COTA) – Austin TX

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Are you some type of car guy, track junkie, or F1 racing fan traveling to Texas?  I’d recommend checking out Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Elroy, just 20-30 minutes SE the city of Austin, or 2.5 hrs from Houston.   If you haven’t checked out one of the more recent posts of IMSA Racing at Circuit of the Americas, check out the tips if you go to an event there.

Click the photo above for directions to COTA from downtown Austin… 

circuit of the americas (cota) porsche 991 gt3rs

I think it’s pretty common to see a Porsche 991 GT3RS on track or in the parking lot at Circuit of the Americas…

One reason to check out COTA is posted just above…. you’ll be able see 991 GT3’s on the norm and other P-cars as well.  If you’re not a Porsche fan, then there’s tons of other eye candy to watch including Mazda’s, BMW’s, Lotus’, and many other common brands people track with.  The photos I’m posting are from a weekend track day event held by Chin Motorsports.

circuit of the americas (COTA) lotus exige elise track

Got really lucky to see the Lotus Exige F1 model or LF1 on track…

What’s cool about these open track day events is spectators are allowed in the paddock area and stands and it’s FREE.  Normally, you aren’t allowed to park in the paddock areas and would pay $15-20 to park a good 5-10 minutes walking distance.  So, definitely go to a normal track day event if you’re on a budget and just want to take a look around.

porsche gt3 martini 997

Another P-car, Martini style 997…

Circuit of the Americas (COTA) porsche gt2 911 964

The very spacious garages of COTA….

circuit of the americas (cota) bmw e46 m3

One of my favorite BMW models of the M3… 

Circuit of the americas (cota) porsche 964 930 rsr track

I wish I can tell you if this was a 930 or 964, but this p-car was meant for the track… 

Circuit of the americas (cota) porsche white 964 gt3 rsr widebody


circuit of the americas (cota) 911 991 carrera

It’s pretty common to see GT3’s at COTA… also a little cameo of Law man in the back… 

bmw m4 circuit of the americas

Looks like I found bimmerworld’s garage space….

circuit of the america (cota) lotus lf1

The Lotus LF1 still tearing up the track…

circuit of the americas (cota) lotus lf1 porsche 991 gt3

More of this LF1 destroying other p-cars like this gt4(?)/Cayman…

circuit of the americas bmw e36 m3 track day

Another one of my favorite BMW chassis is the E36… very fun car to drive on track with a responsive engine…

circuit of the americas porsche gt4 cayman

I had to shoot through a fence while panning this Porsche GT4 Cayman…

You are able to walk around the grounds of COTA but no one is allowed to be on track or in the designated media spots.  I just chose to get some elevated bridge spots for the high angles.  You’ll see what I mean when you’re there 😉

Circuit of the Americas (cota)

Special thanks to Law for always helping me out with shoots…

Circuit of the Americas (COTA) tower light

Definitely stay for the COTA tower light show.

Racing usually ends long before dusk so it was time we headed back home to Houston.

Sorry for the short dry post.  I currently have a lot of free time so I’m back logging to past trips or events I’ve been to and will be making random posts.  Hopefully, there’s some good info for someone out there.   As always, thanks for checking out the blog, post, and photos.

Danh Phan

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