The World’s Quickest Street Driven NSX?

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Upon searching Google for the world’s quickest street driven NSX, there are a few threads on NSX Prime reporting 1/4 mile times, but currently you don’t see many 600+ whp street driven NSX’s anywhere… except down south in “Mexico”.  Sam Du of Super Street contacted me about shooting Brandn Wilbur’s K20A swapped NA1 NSX in October 2016… I’m now finally able to share the images now that the feature is out in the latest Super Street July 2017 Honda Issue.  Grab a copy and support print! 

brandon wilbur's k swapped NA1 NSX

The shoot started early in the morning at Catalina Coffee.  Kind of an iconic spot for the ricers to meet up Sunday mornings for Coffee and Rice

Brandon Wilbur k swapped na1 nsx

It wasn’t an easy task to schedule the shoot with Brandon because he lived about 1.5 hrs away in Lake Charles, LA…

brandon wilbur k series na1 nsx

So we scheduled the shoot whenever he came into town which was for a dyno tune session with Huy at Inline Racing

brandon wilbur k swapped na1 nsx

Gotta love early Saturday mornings on Washington St….

brandon wilbur k series na1 nsx

Awesome vanity plate…

brandon wilbur k series nsx

engine bay k series na1 nsx super street

Wait… K20A swapped??

k20a na1 nsx super street

It kinda makes sense Brandon would stick in a built K series engine into the NSX….

The original K series engine was from his previous street racing car, the Toyota MR2 SW20… 

interior k swapped na1 nsx super street

Branden told me when he had bought the shell, it was in a million pieces… I can’t imagine putting everything back together like a Lego set…

interior k swapped na1 nsx super street

interior k swapped na1 nsx super street

Interior is meant for business on the streets of Mexico…

exterior k swapped na1 nsx

exterior k swapped na1 nsx super street

exterior cf wing k swapped na1 nsx

Brandon kept the exterior simple and wasn’t show quality, but it was more of a clean street sleeper type of set up meaning no crazy aero or downforce… 

rolling shot exterior branden wilbur k swapped na1 nsx super street

For this shoot, I had a little help from Dennis Nguyen as a spotter and rolling car driver… 

branden wilbur k swapped na1 nsx super street

What’s the best time to get rolling shots of a black car?  Either during sunrise or sunset… 

Exterior rolling branden wilbur k swapped na1 nsx super street

Shout out to Brandon and his gf for taking the untuned NSX on the streets for a few rolling shots…

Rolling rear exterior branden wilbur k swapped na1 nsx

Check out that blown out skyline…. 

inline racing dyno tuning na1 nsx super street

Later on in the evening I stopped by Inline Racing to check out the dyno tuning session… 

huy inline racing houston

Huy Tran of ILR is the man behind tuning Brandon’s past race cars… 

inline racing real st na1 nsx dyno tuning

This was the first time getting tuned after swapping in the engine… 

inline racing na1 nsx branden wilbur honda

Tuning mumbo jumbo… 

branden wilbur k series na1 nsx real st

Gotta check those spark plugs when tuning…

inline racing houston tx

inline racing houston tx k series swapped na1 nsx

inline racing k swap honda nsx

The dyno tuning session lasted all night and as I had mentioned before it was the first session so things didn’t go accordingly to plan.  A few months later, Brandon came back for a dyno session and was making steady power with a new setup but had blown the rear hatch glass.  A final dyno tuning session happened at TX2K17 and that’s when the car hit 970whp… 

During the first dyno session, I grabbed a couple of video clips and put together a really short clip.  I’m still working on learning the right settings for video and editing so don’t critique too hard lol.  Anways, I’ll post the video below and let me know what you think.   Shot with just a Nikon D750 and various lenses.  I decided to edit without music and just raw tuning/shop sounds.  As always thanks for checking out what I’m doing!

Danh Phan

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