2017 IMSA at Circuit of the Americas

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The 2017 IMSA at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) recently took place last weekend.   Nate invited me the night before to check it out with him and I’m glad I went.  It wasn’t too crowded with people and, somehow, I just walked through the Circuit of the Americas gates without paying.   Check out the 4-5 photos I took of the 2017 IMSA at COTA event below….

Tips for attending Circuit of the Americas track days or events:

  1. Bring cash monies – Parking was $20 per vehicle and water/beverages were around $5-8
  2. Sunblock – Wear lots of it especially if you’re walking around the paddock area.  It gets hot because of the cement gravel.
  3. Comfortable clothing and shoes – Shorts, tanks, and comfortable shoes are a must.  If you plan to walk around Circuit of the Americas, you’ll need those things.
  4. Water – Definitely stay hydrated.
  5. A nice big hat – One that covers your shoulders.  I bought one on the way at Buccees.  You’ll thank me later.

imsa 2017 at circuit of the americas

I went only as a spectator this event but took a bunch of video clips….

ford gt at 2017 IMSA COTA event

Ford Chip Ganassi Racing No. 66 Ford GT… their results HERE

ford chip ganassi racing ford gt cota imsa 2017

Another angle of the Ford GT…

acura nsx imsa 2017 cota

Michael Shank Racing Acura NSX GT3 pit demo for the pit walk…

2017 imsa at COTA

That’s pretty much it for my photo coverage….  it was a fun event overall and the heat was bearable.

I’ve been editing and shooting a few projects and wanted to do a vlog style post… but it’s tougher than you think.  I’m not sure I’m meant to be in front of a camera but I’ve definitely learned a lot putting this video together.  Enjoy the video below and let me know what you think!  It’s more of a recap of where and what I did Saturday than a vlog video at the 2017 IMSA at Circuit of the Americas.


Danh Phan

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