2016: A Year in Photographs

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2016 – My first year of being freelance full time was a bit nerve-wracking.  I didn’t have any bookings in advance and most were last minute gigs.  The business aspect of freelance has been interesting as well.  Let’s see how 2017 pans out.  Until then, enjoy some of my favorites images from 2016. 

Nathan Vosberg / @natevos Kremer Porsche 930.  Taken in Houston, TX.  
Porsche 991 GT3RS for EVS Motors / Vossen Wheels.  Taken in Houston, TX.
Marbella Sandoval at ADV1 / EVS Motors booth at 2016 Houston Auto Show. 
ShaneT just picked up this Jaguar F-Type and wanted some memorable photos.  The F-Type is a beautiful car.  Taken in Houston, TX. 
Thanks to Autobanh Motorsports, attending TX2K16 was great.  Photo taken in Baytown, TX.
Larry Harrison / @the_undrdg Audi A5 for EVS Motors / Vossen Wheels.  Photo taken in Houston, TX. 
EVS Motors built Lamborghini Huracan with Vorsteiner kit and ADV1 wheels.  Very relaxed shoot at the owners home.  Photo taken in Houston, TX. 
Not one but two Tesla Model X’s!  This was a personal shoot with friends’ familys’ Model X’s in a cul de sac then comped background.  Photo taken in Houston, TX.

Took a personal vacation trip to France in May of 2016.  Photos taken around France. 

Once I got back from France, I set up a photoshoot with Patrick Leong / @nem_96 featuring his FRS for Super Street magazine.  Photo taken in Dallas, TX.
Working for @thejhfilms is always fun, especially for clients like @44farms.  Photo taken in Thorndale, TX.
Somehow I ended up doing a feature shoot for the new Dodge Hellcat for EVO Italy Magazine.  Check out the post HERE if you haven’t already.  Thanks to Andrea for the opportunity.  Photo taken in Houston, TX. 
Imperial Collision owned Lamborghini Aventador SV for EVS Motors / Vossen Wheels.  Photo taken in Houston, TX.
In August, I did a road trip with a good friend, @garage_hendo, to California.  You can read about our trip HERE.  Photo taken somewhere in El Paso, Texas.
After coming back from our week long trip, I wanted to do a ‘Drive’ themed shoot with Tommy Le / @tommyflyby‘s AW11.  You can see the post HERE
I also did a little bit of assist for Droneworks Studios.  They have some of the coolest clients/projects which takes lots of production/planning involved.  Photo taken in Houston, TX. 
I had some free time and wanted to experiment with lighting and processing styles so I asked one of the OG Refined Elegance guys out for a shoot.   Joe’s Aimgain Lexus LS460 on AGWheels / Lucky Brakes. 
Really wet shoot I did for Vive Detail on this Ferrari F40.  Assistance by Augustine Nguyen.  Photo taken in Houston, TX. 


Did a day trip to Austin with @Law_renzo to pick up some new wheels.  Check out the post HERE.  Photo taken in Austin, TX.

In exchange of services, I took a bunch of stock photos for Kinitro Apparel.  You can find the BTS of how I took the photos HERE.  Photos taken in Houston, TX. 

I then got new wheels mounted. A set of Volk Racing TE37SL’s.  Probably my favorite set of wheels ever.
Black cars and natural light go so well together.  Especially this EVS Motors Tesla Model S on Vossen HC-1 wheels.  Photo taken in Houston, TX.

I pretty much provided all the media for The Ricebox.  Brick and mortar opening soon so things will be changing!

Shot for HRE Wheels / Akrapovic at the 2016 Lamborghini Festival.  Taken around around Houston, TX.

And last but not least, Rohana Wheels was an amazing client last year that kept me busy.  Photos taken in Houston, Dallas, and Chicago. 

2016 – A lot of learning and new experiences.  Thanks to all the shops, clients, and people involved.  Now to get back to work.


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