Tommy Le’s 1989 RWB Inspired Toyota MR2 – Houston Automotive Photography

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Check out a few stills from Tommy Le‘s 1989 Toyota MR2 in Downtown Houston.  A very short, but fun shoot late at night.  Read about the video shoot theme HERE.

Tommy Le’s Toyota MR2 sits at a perfect height – not too low and not too high.

A little background on Tommy’s MR2…..

DTP:  “What year is your Toyota MR2”
TL:  “1989”

DTP:  “Engine?”
TL:  “Same as your old AE86. 16v 4AGE.”

DTP:  “Nice. When did you get it?”
TL:   “March 22, 2012”

DTP:  “Whoa, so accurate.”
TL:  “Haha.  Yeah, it’s an important date to me.  It’s my first car!  My parents bought the car for me, but I slowly paid them back after 3 full years of working.”

DTP:  “Nice. You’re only 19 now… so you got the car when you were 14?”
TL:  “Yup.  After buying it, it sat in a garage until I received my license.”

After the video shoot,  we found a parking garage in mid town to shoot at.  It was around 1AM on a weekday, so most places were quiet and vacant.

DTP:  “What’s your list of modifications like?”
TL:  “The motor is pretty much a stock 4AGE with custom exhaust system.  Exterior is dressed up with Toysport Airdam, Masterpiece side splitters, RE-Amemiya replica diffuser, and a custom made wing that is adjustable.  The fenders are wider thanks to ZG fender flares for Z’s.  Wheel and suspension combo is TE37V’s paired with Ground Control coilovers with Tokico adjustable shocks.  The interior consists of Recaro Pole Position seats with 5 pt harness for occasional autocross events.”

JDM inspired decal commonly found on MK1 AW11 Kouki Supercharged MR2’s.
ZG fender for Z’s looks good on Tommy’s MR2.
TE37V’s wrapped with “IDLERS” tires.
I believe Tommy said his dash was taken off because he was working on fixing a part.  I know this feel.
Yup, definitely a cluster from the 80’s.
I think Nakai-san and Nojima-san would approve of Tommy’s build.
Fender flares helps fit the meaty wide wheel set up.
Here you can see the Master mind side splitter and RE Amemiya replica diffuser.
Straight 80’s themed.
Off he goes into the darkness.

Thanks for the read or quick skim of the post.  I’ll have more back posts coming later in the week so check back.

Nikon D750
Nikon 24-120 F4






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